About Us

We live in a where added value is crucial and difficult to learn. Value can only be added if you or what you passess.

Contain elements of unrivaled esteem. Design and technology are two important tools for gaining such additional value in life.

In bussines, building competitive advantage in our increasingly fast-moving, information-rich world of global access is not easy and technology alone is not enough. Today’s biggest winners went beyond using technology for its own sake. Instead, they used design to simplify technology, delivering it to consumers in a way that is meaningful, engaging and easy to use.

Design-led businesses do not stand still. They always look for a better way because they know that their uniqueness is their competitive advantage – just like our invention, CARISA.

CARISA is a brand distributed by Carisa radiators ltd. In UK that unites innovation and design in many fields, primarily in heating. CARISA has been created by the experienced and innovative team at Carisa Radiators ltd. Who have maintained a successful reputation over the past 40 years in the heating industry.

CARISA heating units, towel rails, radiators and decorative accessories are a combination of in-vogue and technological ideas, thanks to the engineering and design team who share all of their inventions with the end user.

Today, with the advent of CARISA , heating has become so elegant and even more functional. CARISA radiators have been used in a wide variety of existing architectural developments and complexes worldwide.

Working intenationally with a broad range of architects, CARISA has established loyal architectural partnerships on a number of large projects.

CARISA is pleased to present its complete range of pruducts, with a vast variety of radiators and accessories composed of aluminium radiators.

Different models, sizes, and colrs will provide you with endless solutions.